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"Project Alpha" Limited Edition CD

"Project Alpha" Limited Edition CD


SUB|ROK RECORDS is proud to present “Project Alpha”, the first official mixtape by Wyoming raised, USA based rapper & producer Gentry Fox.


“Project Alpha” is a compilation of weekly stand-alone singles that were released by Gentry Fox during late 2018 and early 2019 (Nov. ’18 - May ’19). In a decision to allow other producers to take the wheel, Fox spends time in the backseat sharpening his songwriting abilities and dusting off a collection of unfinished ideas that had yet to ever see the light of day. The result is a 6-month journey into the mind of a tortured craftsman as he attempts to achieve his artistic vision while fighting off procrastination, heartbreak, depression, perfectionism, and other self-destructive patterns holding him back.


This mixtape features entirely non-exclusive production by Mixla, 3Point, Eskupe & Anthro Beats, Khronos, Guggenz, Seneca B, Beatmachinearon, Kupla x j'san & Nymano, Arbour, Harlem, BVG, Midnight Black, & G.FOX himself. This project is available for free download and streaming exclusively on, Bandcamp, YouTube, & DatPiff. “RARE DEMO SHIT (vol.2)” coming soon. Follow on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & more @gentryfox.

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