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Gentry Fox "T.V.F.N." Limited Edition Cassette Tape

Gentry Fox "T.V.F.N." Limited Edition Cassette Tape


Gentry Fox & SUBROK RECORDS are proud to present, “The View From Nowhere”, the 3rd official album from Rocky Mountain rapper, producer, and artist, Gentry Fox.


Written, produced, arranged, recorded, and engineered by Gentry Fox over the course of exactly one year, “The View From Nowhere” is an introspective journey of perspective and self reflection during the 2020 pandemic crisis, studying the psychological output of a starving artist during an unprecedented period of political and socioeconomic division, social isolation, & personal growth.


Fusing elements of rap, jazz, neo-soul, blues, and lo-fi hip-hop, Fox takes the listener on ethereal journey through the land of “nowhere”, a place he describes in familiarity with the baron Rocky Mountain region from which he was raised, but also as the metaphorical embodiment of detachment, indifference, and alienation. Fox uses this perspective to help explore topics such as mental health, depression, anxiety, loneliness, displacement, empowerment, & more.

1. Nowhere

2. Viewfinder

3. Chi (feat. Burnell Washburn)

4. Lucid

5. Real

6. Different

7. Forget

8. Vanguard

9. Jaded (feat. T00M3R)

10. Distant

11. Outlier

12. Hindsight

13. Okay

14. Someday (feat. Fierce)

15. Made

16. Somewhere


Also available on all streaming platforms. Find it here:

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