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Yung Goony - Really [Song Review]

Today we have a song review by a dope artist that goes by the name Yung Goony. Goony is a 23-year-old artist and musician representing the 313 (Detroit, Michigan) and currently based out of Los Angeles, California.

Today he brings to us his latest single titled "Really", which is vibey trap-based banger guaranteed to get the champagne bottles popping. This track is heavy on the autotune and the lyrics are pretty incomprehensible, but the overall atmosphere and production value is on point and the mixing and mastering is definitely top notch. I wish there was more substance on display as far as content goes (or at least the ability to understand it), but given Goony's young age, this serves as a great introduction into his world and his sound and shows a lot of promise for his ability to create radio friendly music that adheres to mainstream sensibilities. He is currently working on his debut EP set to release later this year and I imagine this will give us the versatility that this single leaves to be desired. I look forward to hearing more from Yung Goony in the very near future.

"Really" now available on all streaming platforms. Get it now: Apple Music / Spotify

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