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YellaCatt - The Wild One [Album Review]

YellaCatt presents the new EP "The Wild One", released everywhere on 1.9.20.

YellaCatt (aka Daniella White) is an American singer, musician, artist, and visionary, born and raised on an island off the Pacific Northwest near Washington state. Aside from being a talented musician and singer, Daniella is also a sound healer, reiki master, and also considers herself to be clairvoyant. Finding her creative expression in many forms, she has also created her own successful headdress atelier ‘’The Plumed Serpent". Drawing inspiration from nature, mythology, mysticism, & more, Daniella encompasses all of her artistic passion within her music and uses it as an outlet to express her most personal self.

Her latest EP "The Wild One" is only 4-tracks long but they each pack quite a punch within the 14-minute run-time of this record. Daniella has an absolutely beautiful and extremely powerful voice, delivering raw emotional energy with every note. While this alone is enough to praise her musical abilities, it's the production that really places her in a higher echelon than the rest. Fusing elements of trap, R&B, blues, & more, Daniella creates a colorful landscape of sound and emotion that pulls the listener into her world and makes it hard for them to escape. She has a style that is all her own and she sounds unlike any other artist in her genre in the best way possible. This EP is an absolute masterpiece in my opinion, and coming from someone who listens to 90% hip-hop, that says a lot. This girl has a very promising future ahead of her, mark my words. Check out the visuals for the lead single "Dragoness" and go stream the full EP on streaming services everywhere. Click here to get it on Spotify.

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