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Voyce Memos - Annotate [Song Review]

Voyce Memos presents the new single "Annotate" off their upcoming sophomore album, "Fool Me Once".

Voyce Memos is an alternative indie-rock trio based out of Houston, TX and comprised of three very talented artists named Richard Borger, Stephen Mokulis, and Akash Gupta. The three formed Voyce Memos after bonding over casual jam sessions and their shared passion for music, they released their first album "Catching Me In Stride" on April 19th, 2019. Since then, they have been preparing for the release of their follow up record titled "Fool Me Once". On January 31st, 2020, Voyce Memos released the very first single from the new project, titled "Annotate".

"Annotate" is a beautiful song about love & heartache, fused with a deep hitting house vibe and melancholy vocals that provide a very chill-out vibe with emotional lyrics that cut straight to the core. The production on this track is superb, painting a visceral and endearing soundscape that reminds me of all the nights I spent with my heart broken. If this is any example of the content we can come to expect on "Fool Me Once", this record is going to be both conceptually beautiful and hypnotizing.

While the song is great, the visuals for this song are where the concept really starts to blossom. Check out the official music video for "Annotate" below and follow these guys on social media for additional news & updates.

"Annotate" is now available in-stores everywhere: Find it here: Follow Voyce Memos on the web & social media for more:


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