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Thelen Creative - Shade On Me [Music Video]

Thelen Creative presents the new video & single "Shade On Me", released worldwide on April 20th, 2021. Here is what they had to say about this release:

"Northern California’s audio/visual collective Thelen Creative is set to release an animated musical short titled, "Shade On Me" via the groups YouTube channel on Tuesday, April 20th 2021. This Lofi animated short is written & produced by George Thelen of Thelen Creative with animation by Dedisuseno of Central Java, Indonesia. The video features the track of the same name with audio mastered by Simon Gibson at Abbey Road Studios, London, England with production assistance provided by Stephen Fong at Acumen Productions, Oakland, California and Hayden Hallatt Music, Denver, Colorado. The music track features the vocals of Los Angeles based artist C. Joleene (Wilton Felder, Jazz Crusaders / Stevie Wonder) with instrumentation by Thelen and Naomi Baraban on bass guitar."

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