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TARAH WHO? - Royal Knight [Music Video]

TARAH WHO? is the grunge/alt-rock project led by French-born, Los Angeles-based artist Tarah Carpenter. Her latest released single, "Royal Knight", is a grunge-sounding title with heavy riffs, in collaboration with Laura Chevalier, a Parisian artist and longtime friend of Tarah.

Laura Chevalier has shown her talents to electro-rock bands Puss In Boots, Only for Disco, Dead Sexy Inc, Aloha Sun, Belair Polo Club, The Videos, and Aston Villa. They started collaborating when Tarah finally met her longtime social media friend Laura. Tarah started working on new material during the COVID lockdown, Laura joined the collaboration, and "Royal Knight" came out.

The title deals with the different states of mind and emotions that we may have gone through during the Covid-19 pandemic. The music video aims to represent the different generations and how the youngest was able to help adults during this period. For this video, Tarah wanted to try something new and use other actors to show what the song was about. During her last visit to France, Tarah called on a few friends and family members to participate in filming the clip.

Tarah is preparing to release a new album, "The Collaboration Project". The album will be recorded alongside producers Jason Orme (Alanis Morissette) and Norm Block (L7). As its name suggests, Tarah Who? presents titles in collaboration with other artists worldwide. "Royal Knight" is one of the songs of this album, The album's release is scheduled for 28 April 2023.

Tarah Carpenter will be touring Europe in January-February alongside Life of Agony, Prong, and Madball.

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