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St. Geo - Surrounded By Angels [Song Review]

St. Geo presents the new single "Surrounded By Angels", released worldwide on 12.28.19. If you are unfamiliar with this dope emcee, don't worry, we're here to fill you in. His latest single "Surrounded By Angels", is a testament to not only his belief in the powers that be, but also his ability to write a catchy flow with mind-bending delivery and substance. St. Geo has a unique voice and a smooth cadence to his lyrics, which really comes on display when paired with the perfect production such as this catchy banger by producer Lord Cise. He has a strong sense of purpose and the determination he has to achieve his goals is exactly the kind of mindset needed to reach the top. I will definitely be going back to check out his last full-length release "Steam" and I hope to hear more from St. Geo in the very near future. "Surrounded By Angels" is now available in-stores everywhere. Check it out!

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