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Ro$ewood Renegade - Knockin [Song Review]

Ro$ewood Renegade presents the new single "Knockin", released worldwide on December 31st, 2019.

Ro$ewood Renegade is a rapper and hip-hop artist from Austin, Texas, who has been steadily gaining notoriety among the southern underground music scene throughout the last several years, largely thanks to the release of several mixtapes under his own independent record label, Kommittee Rich Ent. LLC. Renegade is a DIY pioneer who has had his foot in the game since grade school. Over the course of his career, he has continued to pursue his craft and artistic evolution while steadily building a name for himself and putting on for his hood and his community. Five independent mixtapes later, Renegade is ready to present his latest single, "Knockin".

If you're like me, you might have already formulated an opinion about this song before Renegade even begins rapping. While the production might give off a cheap aesthetic with its 8-bit style and off-putting melody at first, it isn't until the first verse begins that you realize that this is a beat that is meant to display two things above all else, wordplay and BARS. Some beats might not resonate with a listener all on their own, but the right artist can turn that same beat into your next favorite song as long as they come with the right style and delivery. This is where Renegade really displays incredible prowess, this cat is not just another amateur rapper mumbling over 808's and snare rolls, he is an actual lyricist & a real ass EMCEE. He has a vicious flow pattern and he uses this to his advantage as he rides this beat like a wave to a surfboard. It's no wonder why cats like this are so slept on in this day and age, the industry is literally afraid of them. If every up and coming emcee dedicated the same amount of time and energy to constructing lyrics of this caliber, the music industry would no longer have the ability to swoop us some random talentless Joe off the street and make easy millions off them. We're raising the bar for hip-hop in 2020 and Ro$ewood Renegade will be among those leading the calvary. Time to make lyrics matter again! "Knockin" is now available in select stores only. Get it here:



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