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NOYZ - Paper Tiger [Song Review]

Today we have another song review by a dope rapper and writer that goes by the name of NOYZ. Fresh of the heels of his debut 3-song EP titled "Envy" in June 2020, he is currently gearing up to release his second project "Don't Let Me Fall", releasing hopefully sometime later this year.

We had the pleasure of checking out the song "Paper Tiger" off his "Envy" EP and damn, where do I begin? As someone with a passion for writing and dense lyrical rap music, you can definitely tell that NOYZ similarly shares a lot of this passion as well. It's hard to believe that this is his debut release considering his cadence and wordplay sounds like a seasoned vet that has been killing the game for years. You can definitely tell that he takes great pride in his lyricism which is definitely what we appreciate the most when it comes to discovering new artists keeping real hip-hop alive in the 2020's.

On "Paper Tiger", NOYZ bars out with hardcore fast paced braggadocio delivery over a hard hitting trap beat that helps demonstrate his abilities as a rapper and songwriter. While the beat definitely leaves a lot to be desired production wise, NOYZ more than makes up for it by bodying it to the best of his ability and showing the people that he's not the type of emcee you want to play with. If this is only a small sample of what NOYZ has to offer the world with his next release, I definitely look forward to a long and prosperous future for this dude in the many years to come. Don't sleep on this kid!

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