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Mic Strong - Vice City [Song Review]

Mic Strong presents his new single "Vice City", now available in-stores everywhere.

Mic Strong is a rapper & musician from Fort Wayne, Indiana, notably known for his two previous mixtapes "Overdue" in 2012 and "Four Fun" in 2017. After embarking on a 5-year hiatus between these two mixtapes, Mic Strong developed a newfound purpose and motivation to pursue his music dreams and has returned to the game stronger than ever by releasing a plethora of new singles, including his last release "In Due Time" featuring legendary emcee Dizzy Wright. His latest single "Vice City" is a testament to hard work, determination, and persistence in the face of uncertainty, and delivers incredible promise for this emcee and the future of his career.

"Vice City" is layered with 80's Miami-esqe nostalgia, drawing inspiration from pop culture items like the video game series "GTA: Vice City" and the motion picture series "Bad Boys". This song is the perfect summertime jam, featuring beautiful production with gorgeous piano chords, horns, & more. The lyrics are reminiscent of those warm summer nights partying with friends 'til the break of dawn. Strong has a great flow and delivery and uses this to his advantage while painting the perfect party atmosphere. This jam is suitable for several occasions, whether it be a night out hitting the clubs or a lonely late-night drive through the city with the windows down. One thing is for sure, Mic Strong might be a great rapper but he's an even better songwriter and his ability to craft timeless tracks might be his strongest quality. I look forward to hearing more from this dude in the very near future!

"Vice City" is now available in-stores and on streaming platforms everywhere. Find it here.

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