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Luke ATME - Cash Checks ATM [Song Review]

Luke ATME presents the latest single "Cash Checks ATM", released worldwide on February 14th, 2020.

Luke ATME is a musician, dancer, and artist from Naples, Italy. Graduating from the University of West London in 2017 with a degree in music and dance, Luke released his debut EP titled "Loudest!" in 2018, officially establishing his journey as a musician and songwriter. In 2019, Luke received several awards including a Golden Award for “Song of the Year” for his Spanish single “Perdóname", as well as the AAA4Success Award for “Artist of the Year”, and the Golden Award for “Artist of the Year.

High off the momentum of last year's success, Luke has decided to dropkick 2020 in the dick with this fun little number titled "Cash Checks ATM". This track has the ability to catch you off guard at first if you're not careful, took me a couple listens before I even came to the realization that I was being trolled to the highest degree. Luke is a master at satirical comedy, much in the same vein of artists like Lil Dicky and Weird Al Yankovich. "Cash Checks ATM" is a fitting homage to all the gun-toting, diamond flashing, cash throwing, "fake-it-til-you-make-it" garbage rappers that currently pollute a large percentage of mainstream hip-hop media and radio outlets. Luke masterfully executes this familiar formula with finesse, shining a mirror on the idiocracy of the modern music industry. Bravo, Luke. Bravo. "Cash Checks ATM" is available now in-stores everywhere. Check out the visuals here:

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