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Lil Gnawty - Ambient Psychedelic Gnawties [Album Review]

Lil Gnawty presents the new album Ambient Psychedelic Gnawties, featuring production by Pon$ho Mæin, engineering by NeuroSpaceship, and appearances by jugzÉ and bjÁ.

Ambient Psychedelic Gnawties is a captivating and entertaining journey into sound and experimental music production, fusing elements of lo-fi hip-hop, trap, psychedelic 60's rock, and more. This album is like an audible acid trip, dense with intricate melodies and multiple layers that create an enlightening sense of displacement and adventure. While this album does have a few raps on it, the lyrics on this piece are mostly secondary and really only serve as instruments for the overall atmosphere. The production on this is fueled with lush instrumentation and melodies to create a lo-fi aesthetic with vivid sonic imagery. While some tracks are all over the place in terms of their arrangement, this helps to create a colorful and unique soundscape that feels almost methodical in its madness. This album is 14 songs long and clocks in at a total of 55 minutes. Standout favorites of mine include Batshit Crazy, Park Thots, Ancient Love, lilo and stich, [ tired sadwave ], just to name a few. Approach this album with an open mind and you will discover a creative masterpiece, I definitely look forward to hearing more from these guys in the near future.

Ambient Psychedelic Gnawties is now available on select streaming services.

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