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King Femi - Live To Ball [Song Review]

King Femi presents the brand new single "Live To Ball"

King Femi is an Atlanta, GA rapper that has been generating buzz in the underground over the course of this last couple years thanks to a steady stream of Soundcloud singles and capitalizing on the rising popularity of a modern day hip-hop style dubbed as "mumble rap". His latest single "Live To Ball" is the perfect embodiment of just that, offering the listener a mellow and drug-induced listening experience that almost makes you want to get a face tattoo and eat some molly. Femi's laid-back delivery and incoherent flow patterns are just enough to make you want to pop a Zanex and zone out to some "Love & Hip-Hop" on VH1. Femi understands that simplicity and autotune are the key ingredients to making a hit record and he demonstrates this with ease. Maybe some of the more serious "lyrical spiritual miracle" artists need to take a page out of his book?

According to the press release, this song was "created with Millennial and Gen Z hip hop fans in mind", so it's no surprise that this is going to become your new favorite song. King Femi might be one his way to becoming the greatest artist of this generation, I could definitely see him becoming the next Tekashi 6ix9ine or Lil' Yachty, he certainly has the skillset for it. With the bar as low as it is, there's no telling what King Femi will accomplish in the years to come.

Check out the new single "Live To Ball" available now on Spotify: Follow King Femi on the web & on social media for more: Website / Soundcloud / Instagram


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