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Kamryn Marie - Under Control [Album Review]

Another album review! Today, we have an extremely talented musician, singer, & songwriter from Washington DC that goes by the name of Kamryn Marie.

On 11.15.19, Kamryn released her new beautiful new EP titled "Under Control". This is her first official release since her debut full-length album "As Is" released back in May of 2018. Since then, Kamryn has been busy in the studio refining her sound and the expanding the qualities that made her first record a breakout success. Now a year and a half later, here are the results.

I was fortunate enough to give this album a listen and have the opportunity to share some of my thoughts and boy, where do I start? This album is sonically gorgeous, filled with lush instrumentation and melodies that feel like something out of a movie. She has a lot of versatility to her sound that makes it hard to place her style in one specific box. Some tracks feel more like an EDM dance party while others are more melodic, cinematic, and introspective. There is a perfect balance between the two styles while showing off both a fun party side as well as a serious emotional side to her music. This duality is important because it gives the listener a peek into the world that Kamryn has created and allows them to find the perfect soundtrack for whatever issues or situations they might be facing themselves.

In the 22-minute run-time of this album, it's easy to see that Kamryn is much more than your ordinary everyday pop-star. She has a story to tell and by the end of this record, you almost feel like you have a genuine connection with her and her message. I wouldn't be surprised if Kamryn Marie moves on to become a grammy-award winning artist in the years to come. She has what it takes and even more so, the motivation and passion to see it through. I look forward to seeing what comes of her journey in the very near future. "Under Control" is now available on streaming platforms everywhere. Check it out and follow her online & social media for news and updates.

About Kamryn Marie: "Kamryn Marie is an American pop singer and songwriter originally from Washington, DC. She uses her authentic and captivating persona to sew a wide variety of influences into her work. From supercharged EDM to sultry ballads with a hint of a laid-back country vibe Kamryn stays true to her innermost self to unify her audience with her music, and with each other. The artist has released 7 singles and one full-length album "As Is" prior to "Under Control." Listen to "Under Control" now on all major platforms and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook."

"Under Control" EP available now on Spotify. Get it here:

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