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JUBILEE - Peaches [Song Review]

JUBILEE presents the new single "Peaches", released everywhere on November 8th, 2019.

JUBILEE, also known as Gia Cezar, is a Brazilian-American singer, business tycoon, and the founder and CEO of an independent music label and production company called Common Luxury LLC. Raised between Bahia, Brazil, and California, USA, she officially established her company in 2016 along with the help of her brother Jordan Cezar. Their goal was to create a multimedia and record company that could fit a roof over all of the production needs necessary to bring their passions and career goals to life. For their debut project, they have decided to go all in and invest in Gia herself, reinventing her likeness as the beautiful and talented singer known as JUBILEE.

"Peaches" is the first single that we've had the opportunity to hear from her and in my subjective experience, I think this song is a terrific introduction to her unique sound and style. Fusing elements of R&B, Pop, & EDM, the production on this song delivers an eerie sense of discomfort and uncertainty while also producing subliminal feelings of mystery and intrigue. When combining a beat like this with Gia's beautiful singing & songwriting abilities, the result is a collage of masterful melodies with a wide range of emotional output. If this track is any representation of what we can expect from the future of JUBILEE, I can accurately predict that it's going to be f***ing sweet.

"Peaches" is now available in-stores everywhere: Get it here:

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