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Ismael Gabasau - The Art of Seeing Through [Audio]

Too many creative people see themselves as being the master of one discipline only. But the reality is that creativity is best served when it is allowed to explore many different outlets. It isn't always the medium that is the most important but the creative ideas behind it, and as such, that positive energy should be allowed to find its way in the world through whatever medium feels the most natural.

This is why we find abstract artist Ismael Gabasau turning to jazz to let his creative juices flow. It seems like a natural next step; both mediums - conceptual art and jazz music - are associated with the avant-garde, with ornate and beguiling expression, with the ability to step away from the mainstream and find new ways of communicating with the audience in question.

For now, Ismael doesn't push the boundaries too far, preferring to create something accessible and infectious while also fashioning something intriguing and entertaining. And that is what the Art of Seeing Through is all about. A collection of songs that are both easily palatable yet built on innovative sonic structures and deft musical decisions.

The opening track, Sour and Sweet, is the perfect laid-back opening salvo, soulful and restrained yet intricate and warm. At the same time, Pumpkin Empanadas explores the artist's Mexican heritage through its Bossa Nova groove and Latin vibes. And while Deep Souls also leans into that gorgeous Latin feel, Canvas is the perfect jazz-rock-pop crossover, which will appeal to the jazz aficionados as much as the casual pop-picker.

An intelligent, superb album that everyone needs.

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