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Intelligent Diva - Boyshorts [Song Review]

Intelligent Diva presents the new single "Boyshorts", released worldwide on February 11th, 2020.

Intelligent Diva is a musician & songwriter from Jacksonville, Florida and a talented up and comer in the southern underground scene. After spending some time living in Dexheim, Germany, she separated from her husband and returned to the states with her daughter where she began to take on her music career full time.

"Boyshorts" is nothing short of brilliant, this track is a raunchy adventure for your ear canals and just makes me want to motorboat the nearest set of breasts in the vicinity. Although the beat sounds like something my 9-year-old niece produced on her iPad, it's the lyrical content on this track that really makes this girl stand out from the norm. She kind of reminds me of a female version of Too $hort, decent flow with minimal substance but shocking and humorous content and delivery that is sure to either crack a smile on your face or pitch a tent in your pants, or maybe both.

"Boyshorts" is now available in stores everywhere. Stream it now:


The Jacksonville, Florida native grew up singing in the church choir, as well as middle school and high school chorus as an alto section leader. She started writing songs in high school. While, in Dexheim Germany, her love for music and passion grew stronger, which led her to land a regular gig on Wednesday nights as a background singer. After returning to the states, she divorced and became a single parent. Her focus has always been on her career and family. After raising her daughter as an entrepreneur, who has many career accomplishments of her own, Intelligent Diva is now able to focus on her singing, songwriting career. She decided that in order for her to have the work-life balance she needed, it was time to pursue her dreams. Her goal is to write songs which can be marketed in film and television. Another goal of hers is to become a voice actor in film. Her animation voices are showcased through her backup vocals in the single. Follow this artist online and on social media for news & updates:


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