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Gemtarra - Fired Up [Album Review]

Gemtarra presents their debut EP "Fired Up", released on January 31st, 2020. Gemtarra is a six-member band and musical ensemble from Philadelphia, PA. Established in 2018 by twin sisters Gina and Tina Cieri, they were formerly known as the alternative-rock trio named Prima Donna before adding several new members and reinventing themselves artistically and creatively under the group name Gemtarra (a creative pseudonym created by blending two Italian words, ‘Gemilli’ which means twins and ‘Chitarra’ which means guitar.) The bands current members consist of Gina and Tina Cieri (songwriting and guitar), Bryan Feddish (bass), Sunny Dee (drums), and Tawana Simons (percussion). With the help of Grammy award-winning record producer and audio engineer Phil Nicolo, Gemtarra have finally released their debut EP "Fired Up".

While this EP may only be 4-tracks long, it's a near perfect appetizer that seems to be meticulously designed to leave the listener hungry for more. Gemtarra has a very classic American-made rock sound that is both beautiful and sonically riveting. Heavy and catchy instrumentation, visceral guitar riffs, and smooth ethereal vocals make this record one of the best alternative rock projects I've heard in the last decade. Despite it's short 15-minute run-time, combining these four tracks alone was enough to form a cohesive body of work that sounds like you're listening to a short live set at your local rock venue. Each band member compliments this project in a way that feels serendipitous and their musical chemistry as a group seems to be on another level. These guys really set the bar high with this EP, I can't imagine what their debut LP is going to sound like. Hope to hear more from them soon!

"Fired Up" is now available in-stores and streaming platforms everywhere. Find it here:

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