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ELOOO - Diary of ELOOO [Album Review]

ELOOO (pronounced E-Low) presents his new 10-track project titled "Diary of ELOOO", released worldwide on October 1st, 2022.

"Diary of ELOOO" is an autobiographical journey into the mind of an artist using music as an outlet to escape the trap of the streets and create a better life for himself. Packed with hard-hitting production and substance-packed verses full of pain, hunger, and passion, this album is a personal and honest project overfilling with introspection and self-reflection. ELOOO explores themes of heartbreak, betrayal, mental health, and much more, in an attempt to exorcise his demons and provide a positive outlet for growth and change. Standout favorites include Fake Love, Smile Or Frown, and Cautious, just to name a few. Here is what ELOOO had to say about this project as well as his remaining plans for 2022: "I plan on ending the year with at least 3 more projects with at least 3 songs or more on them and I already have 2 of them done 1 ready to go now. This project was a release of pinned-in thoughts from hurts and joys within the last 2 years! And I was and still is very happy with the outcome the feedback has been great my Fans have responded better than I expected so I know it's Perfect Timing to keep pressing the gas!"

"Diary of ELOOO" is now available on all streaming platforms. Get it on Spotify here:

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