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DJ Ažurely - The Glow Up [Song Review]

DJ Ažurely presents her new single "The Glow Up", released worldwide on January 20th, 2020.

DJ Ažurely (or for short) is a very talented singer, songwriter, & house DJ born and raised in New England. Gifted with a knack for music since she was young, she grew up playing several different instruments and starring in various plays and musicals throughout the duration of her childhood. She later would go on to attend both Emerson College and Berklee College in Boston, MA (USA), it was here where she began familiarizing herself with the local EDM scene and started pursuing work as a journalist and content promoter. It didn't take long before the local EDM community welcomed her with open arms, allowing her to turn her focus back towards the creative side of music and inspiring her to become a house DJ known as DJ Ažurely.

"The Glow Up" marks a transitioning period for DJ Ažurely as she premieres the introduction to her EDM pop-star alter ego, . Blending her many years of musical experience and influences, the result is a refreshing perspective and a unique take on the genre as a whole. From the dreamy background vocals, to the ambient guitar riffs and rattling high hats, seems to take extra care with the production side of her music and uses her voice as a instrument to help craft a unique world that is all her own. While her beautiful voice may serve as enough to captivate interest from fans and casual listeners, it's her versatility as a producer and songwriter that will give her the extra push needed to stand out from the rest. This girl definitely has a huge future ahead of her, get on board ASAP.

"The Glow Up" is now available in-stores everywhere. Get it now: Spotify / YouTube / Soundcloud

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