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Blacc Cuzz - Intro [Song Review]

With so much new music and media hitting the market, it can sometimes feel as though you’ve seen and heard everything. And to a certain extent, this is an understandable and accurate interpretation of today’s entertainment industry. Many ideas are repeated as trends emerge, and it seems like artists are quite resistant to changing up their message or music to try and forge new ground. Blacc Cuzz, however, isn’t one of them. His new single, ‘Intro’, is an energetic creation that will have you excited and ready to listen on repeat!

About the Artist

Blacc Cuzz is a rising artist taking the genre by storm, and it’s no wonder why: his music is always well-produced without losing its authenticity. It’s hard to become more genuine than Blacc Cuzz. The artist grew up on the streets on PA and had many harrowing experiences that he’s seeking to turn into music to motivate and inspire others to keep pushing forward. His releases tell stories that are pulled straight from his own life, in other words, and that’s perhaps the part of the music that allows it to ring true for so many people. More than just releasing music for himself, in other words, Blacc Cuzz creates music that appeals to people who are living the life that he led.

Genuine Lyrics

Some artists release music that sounds nice but lacks substance. By now it should be clear, however, that a great beat is nothing without an engaging story to go along with it. Even more than that, the story needs to be one that feels authentic. As discussed above, this is exactly what Blacc Cuzz offers, however, he also strives to tell the kinds of stories that appeal to many different people. The story of growing up on the streets of PA is an interesting one that captures the interest of the trap rap fan as well as purveyors of great rap music. Blacc Cuzz’s flow is just as authentic as his history, and he effortlessly works his way through every single release.

‘Intro’ is on fire!

Looking for something fresh to thrill your senses? ‘Intro’ is the perfect release for you! This relentlessly energetic song is bursting with authenticity and the driving beats are sure to have your head nodding along. Whether you want something to listen to in the car or at home, ‘Intro’ is a great choice that will keep you moving to the beat and leave you seeking out other tracks in Blacc Cuzz’s musical catalog. And you can feel confident in supporting an artist that keeps his lyrics real and doesn’t shy away from the gritty reality of life on the streets.

Released on February 5th, 2020, ‘Intro’ is sure to appeal to fans of trap rap and rap music alike. The song is anything but generic, and many listeners have already fallen in love with it. To learn more, visit Blacc Cuzz’s website or head over to YouTube and check out the new single!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This article was provided by a third party and was not written by SUBROK RECORDS.


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