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B Barber - Nostalgia [Album Review]

B Barber presents this 5-song EP titled "Nostalgia", released worldwide on April 30th, 2021.

B Barber is an emcee, producer, and label owner from Long Island, New York and currently based somewhere out of Florida. He is the founder of Integrated Music Group LLC and has been involved in the music industry for over 30 years. Since the release of his first single "Massive Material” on Zakia Records in 1989, B Barber has been on a journey of growth and self discovery and has only recently decided to re-emerge onto the music scene with the release of a 6-song EP titled "Article B" in November of 2020. He followed this up with the release of another 6-song EP titled "Ready" back in February of 2021 and now only two months later, he has returned with his 3rd EP, a brand new 5-song project titled "Nostalgia".

"Nostalgia" is a neck cramping ode to the golden age of boom bap sample based production and grimy hardcore lyricism. In pure authentic form, B Barber delivers intellectually stimulating rhyme schemes with clever wordplay and dense subject matter. His raspy cadence and smooth delivery is reminiscent of authentic 90's street rap with a heavy emphasis on skill, rhymes, and punchlines. Barber kind of reminds me of a hybrid between Sean Price, MF DOOM, and DMX, which is an incredible stylistic combo to say the least. The production on this EP is immaculate, with crispy drum kits and vintage textures and chops that sound like it was entirely sequenced on an MPC2000. One thing is for certain after listening to this EP and it's that real hip-hop is far from dead, B Barber is easily one of my favorite new emcees to watch in the 2020's. After hearing this project, I can't wait to see what the future has in store for this returning veteran. Don't sleep on this dude!

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