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Asher Laub - Roll Up [Audio]

Taken from his groundbreaking album Violin Covers Volume 2, Asher Laub turns his attention to Wiz Khalifa's Roll Up. But like all of the songs on the album, this is less a cover in the purest sense of the term and more an interpretation or reimagining. An instrumental take on the track where Laub's violin dances deftly and dexterously through the musical territory, driven by my dance beats and cool electronica.

Laub always reminds us that songs still need to be finished. That new life and new directions for them can be found, and even the most recognizable rap hit can live again as a classical-pop-dance-instrumental.

But this goes way beyond the "pop goes classical" experiments of the past. It is less about merely changing the style; here, we get a complete overhaul of the song, as if he has completely dismantled the original and rebuilt it from the ground up, keeping only what melody and structure he sees fit.

A radical approach but one that has reaped awesome and unparalleled results.

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