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Asher Laub - Girls Like You / Maroon 5 Violin Cover [Video Review]

Check out this amazing violin cover of Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” by American violinist, Asher Laub. I’ve always been a sucker for creative violin renditions of modern pop music, or just about any genre for that matter. This discovery was a real treat for me, this dude is like the male equivalent of Lindsey Stirling only with a more seemingly focused style (not knocking Sterling by any means, I would definitely still make children with her).

If you are unfamiliar with Asher and his work, it doesn’t take long to learn that he is an extremely talented artist and soloist that has performed all over the world, including historical venues such as Madison Square Garden, Hammerstein Hall, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, & more. In 2014, he suffered some life-threatening health issues that forced him to widen his perspective on life and reevaluate his vision for the future. Fortunately, Asher came out the other side with a newfound purpose and a whole lot of new experiences to draw inspiration from. This is when he reinvented himself as the high-energy performance artist that we see here today.

The following video was shot in Las Vegas, Nevada and features Asher galavanting around various spots in the city and demonstrating a large array of skill and dexterity while effortlessly maneuvering his bow with the melody. Some of our more faithful readers might not consider this appropriate for a hardcore hip-hop blog but you’re f***ing wrong. The hip-hop spirit lives strong in this one and you guys should definitely get on board with this dude.

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