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Arenay - Burning House [Album Review]

Arenay present their new album "Burning House", released worldwide on May 22, 2020.

Arenay are a norwegian hip-hop duo consisting of members Jens Stendahl Rokne and Jonas Elisabethsønn. Teaming up with producers MÁTI, siggi b, and NeuroSpaceship as the mixing & mastering engineer, their new project Burning House is an underground hip-hop classic for the new decade.

"Burning House" is a hard hitting and substance packed journey into the grimy musical underground of Trondheim, Norway. Every member pulls mad weight on this album, whether it be the creative sample-based instrumentation or the thought provoking lyrics and rhyme patterns. The Norwegian accents are thick in some areas and these emcees really know how to make it work to their advantage. Aside from the brain popping lyricism, the production is super genre-pushing and the samples are creatively laced in a way that reminds me a lot like a new school 36 Chambers by Wu-Tang. Graced with beautifully executed production, there are also some nice vocal hooks and melodies that elevate this project to a level greater than your average underground rap album.

This project is a breathe of fresh air to any rap head looking for deep lyrics and hard hitting independent hip-hop. Stand out favorites include Patches, Deep Woods, & Ashes, just to name a few. Don't sleep on this project!

Burning House is now available in-stores everywhere. Get it now:

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