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5ofclubs - Gotta Get Up [Song Review]

5ofclubs presents the latest single "Gotta Get Up", released worldwide on February 7th, 2020.

5ofclubs is an EDM & electronic-pop artist who's identity and location remain unknown and shrouded in a veil of mystery (popular trend among EDM artists I've noticed). Inspired by those who came before him, 5ofclubs found his passion for electronic music early on and eventually decided to pursue it as his full-time career. After practicing his craft for a substantial period of time, this artist is convinced that they have finally found their calling in life and I would not be one to disagree.

"Gotta Get Up" is a kaleidoscope of digital production elements and sonic gratuity. This is exactly the type of sick beat you would expect to hear if you were fist-pumping at Electric Daisy Carnival while rolling on molly with eleven strangers that you just barely met. This track seriously just makes me want to crack a glowstick and suck on a pacifier until the sun comes up. The drops on this motherf***er are so massive that I thought the earth was about to implode underneath my sneakers, I had to drink a gallon of water after listening to this just to replenish my vitality. 5ofclubs is essentially the genetically enhanced offspring of Deadmau5 and Skrillex, I have no doubt that you guys will be tripping balls with this dude at a major EDM event in the near future.

"Gotta Get Up" is now available in stores everywhere: Stream it now:


5ofclubs is a new EDM/electronic pop artist making a name for himself. The name, 5ofclubs, comes from the cardology card associated with his birthday. The currently anonymous producer who works over 100 hours per week has finally decided to focus more on his music career. What started as a bucket list item to learn to produce music has now grown into a passion and the main purpose of his life. He says, “I was inspired by the way electronic music made me feel and how it could take my mind off everything going on in my head. I eventually couldn’t find any more songs that I liked. So, I decided that I’m going to learn how to make stuff I like and then I got hooked on it.” 5ofclubs has ambitious plans for 2020, to keep up on all the latest in his career visit his website.

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