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Biswanath Paul Industrial Electronics Ebook Free Download

Biswanath Paul Industrial Electronics Ebook Free Download

Industrial electronics is a branch of engineering that deals with the application of electronic devices and systems for the control and conversion of electric power in various industrial processes. It covers topics such as power supplies, amplifiers, oscillators, timers, thyristors, inverters, converters, choppers, cycloconverters, motor control, heating and welding control, optoelectronics, optical fibre, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

One of the popular books on industrial electronics and control is written by Biswanath Paul, a lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray Polytechnic in Kolkata, India. The book is titled Industrial Electronics and Control and it is published by PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. The book is now in its third edition and it was released in June 2014.

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The book aims to provide an explicit explanation of the mode of operation of different electronic power devices in circuits and systems that are widely used in modern industry. The book strives to fulfil the need for a fundamental treatment that allows students to understand all aspects of circuit functions through its neatly-drawn illustrations and wave diagrams. Several colour diagrams are included to explain difficult circuits and waveforms. This approach will help students in assimilating the operation of power electronics circuits with more clarity.

The book is intended as a textbook for polytechnic students pursuing courses in electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, and electronics and instrumentation engineering. The book has an added advantage of multiple-choice questions, true/false statements, review questions and numerical problems at the end of each chapter, designed to reinforce the students understanding of the concepts and mathematical derivations introduced in the text.

The book has received positive reviews from readers who have found it useful, informative, and easy to follow. Some of the reviews are given below:

  • "A great book for Electronics understanding." - Akshay Boregowda

  • "good book with like a notes" - A Google user

  • "Useful book" - Another Google user

If you are interested in learning more about industrial electronics and control, you can download the ebook version of Biswanath Paul's book from Google Play Books for $7.50. You can also preview some pages of the book from Google Books for free. Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of the book from iDoc for free as well.

We hope you enjoy reading this book and gain valuable knowledge from it.


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